About sustainable finance

This project is inspired by the life and work of the late Tessa Tennant OBE – a sustainable finance pioneer – who dedicated her 30 year career to the sustainable finance movement. Her outstanding efforts and achievements in the field of responsible investing and sustainability over the last 30 years resulted in funds such as the Jupiter Ecology Fund and the Green Investment Bank, institutions such as CDP and UKSIF, the growth of the sustainable finance industry in Asia and globally, and latterly her work on finance to support the Paris climate agreement.

“We need to be confident about placing markers in all the financial markets and encourage sustainable finance to be more visible.”

Tessa Tennant

The sustainable sculpture project was launched at a lifetime achievement event held for Tessa in 2018. We believe Amulet realises her vision, with a design that has the potential to become a highly respected symbol of sustainable finance – galvanising action to shift investments to unlock the capital needed to finance Net Zero, protect nature and invest in the Sustainable Development Goals.

What is sustainable finance?

Traditional finance focuses solely on financial risk and return. Sustainable finance must go beyond this two dimensional approach and consider environmental and social factors when making investment decisions, to safeguard future generations and reward the current owners of wealth.

In the 30 years since the first environmentally responsible funds were launched, sustainable finance has addressed globally vital issues such as climate change, gender, healthcare, education and poverty, by funnelling investment into Sustainable finance is now critical to deliver the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, and to prevent ecological disaster.

Although the technical skill sets are there, not enough investment is being channelled at the scale and speed required. Sustainable finance has to become mainstream finance, and Amulet has been conceived to embody that message and inspire the leadership needed to achieve it.