About the project

If you want to donate to help us make Amulet a reality, you can find details on the Get involved page.

We plan to unveil Amulet in early 2022 – 50 years since the Stockholm Declaration’s 26 Principles on Environment and Development, and 30 years after the Rio Earth Summit.

We’re splitting project activities and costs into two phases.

Phase 1 – complete

Following the launch in June 2018, we raised £80,000, mainly from private individuals and small charitable trusts. This money paid for:

  • an art consultant to organise the design competition and other preparatory work such as feasibility studies and surveys on numerous sites in the City of London
  • detailed design of the sculpture
  • formal planning approval of the concept and the site from authorities

Phase 2 – ongoing

This phase will cost around £360,000, which we hope to raise from our pioneeer funders.

Once this amount has been pledged, we’ll formally commission the artists to start work. From here, it will take about 9 months to complete the project.

Funds will cover the artist fees, detailed engineering and foundry work, art curation, transportation, installation, maintenance, insurance and site maintenance. This phase will also cover project management, communication, fundraising, PR and event unveiling costs.

We expect the timeline for phase two to be as follows:

  • Summer 2021 – The artists will be commissioned, following receipt of financial pledges
  • Spring 2022 – The sculpture will be completed and unveiled

The site

We’ve secured full planning permission for Amulet to be sited at Christ Church Greyfriars Graveyard for 5 years.

The City of London is already a world-leader in sustainable finance, and it has the capacity, skills, influence and institutional structures to scale up sustainable investments here and internationally.

The presence of Amulet at The City’s historic heart, just yards from the Stock Exchange and St Paul’s, will inspire all of those who encounter this imposing and thought provoking work.

Beyond London, it is our plan that other financial centres across the world will commission their own Amulet and it will become a global icon of leadership and it will help galvanise the sustainable finance movement.

Project governance

Following our launch, the sculpture initiative became a project of CDP Worldwide. The project committee is led by experts in sustainable finance, climate change and art, with specialist expertise from Modus Operandi, leading public art experts.

CDP is a registered charity (No. 1122330) and a company limited by guarantee, incorporated and registered in England and Wales (No. 05013650), with its registered office at 4th Floor, 60 Great Tower Street, London, EC3R 5AZ.

Committee members

  • James Cameron, Chair of the Project – Director Crown Agents; Director Octopus Renewable Infrastructure Trust PLC and Senior Adviser, Pollination Group and Systemiq
  • Ian Callaghan – Co-founder, Climate Finance Accelerator
  • Mark Campanale – Founder and Executive Director of Carbon Tracker
  • Rose Dempsey – Head of Communications, Serpentine Gallery
  • Paul Dickinson, Treasurer of the Project – Executive Chair of CDP
  • Liberty-Belle Howard – Head of Content Design, FutureGov
  • Nick Robins – Professor in Practice for Sustainable Finance at Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment
  • Ciara Shannon – Director, EdenWorks
  • Jeremy Smith – Partner of Norburn Partners, Trustee of CDP
  • Helen Wildsmith – CCLA, Stewardship Director, Climate Change