Why create Amulet?

Public art and monuments can stimulate a collective response, and help stir people to greater things than they thought they were capable of.

The emergencies of resource destruction, climate change and the COVID crisis have brought into sharp relief the need for a more resilient, ecologically sustainable, and equitable economy. At this critical moment in time, the world is looking for a positive vision of the financial system.

The good news is that in the last few years, there has been a rapid increase in the sustainable finance market and the sustainable investment movement is becoming more prominent – with campaigns such as Make My Money Matter teaching people how their investments can affect positive change in the world. But momentum on this must continue – so Amulet has been conceived to celebrate the power of finance to do good and to catalyse action in financial centres across the world.

The beauty of Amulet’s vision of future finance is that it depicts an evolving and inseparable dynamic between the financial system, society and the environment. As far as we know, this is the first artistic vision of sustainable finance and like all good art, every interpretation will help create a deeper understanding of the courageous actions and leadership needed from the financial sector to align their investments around the Sustainable Development Goals and a 1.5°C world.

James Cameron, Chair, Sustainable Finance Sculpture Project

Our vision for Amulet

Inspiring change

Amulet will be seen and enjoyed by thousands, not least on a daily basis by those working in financial institutions near the site – some of whom will be the creators of the new kind of finance we need, and others who may be inspired to campaign for change. 

A global icon

The Amulet design will be available in a range of materials and media, allowing it to be adopted as a global icon for sustainable finance in other financial centres of the world.

Some of the ways we expect the Amulet icon to be used are:

  • A mark of leadership -– A highly respected kite-mark awarded to finance leaders with best-in-class green and social funds
  • Education and public engagement – A rallying point to educate, engage and campaign with different groups on the planetary importance of sustainable finance
  • Charitable action – A conduit to support charitable projects working on sustainable finance
  • Culture and arts – To inspire other artistic work to embed the values of sustainable finance into
  • the financial system
  • Corporate social responsibility – To connect CSR work in areas such as environment, education and the arts